Amplified Results — Proven services based off a “needs-driven” platform, derived from our proven Job Kickoff procedure!  Allow Method Charlie to AMPLIFY your online job advertising reach and remove confusion, manage the administrative tasks of posting your job openings, and reduce time while improving advertising accuracy and effectiveness.  This effective job marketing strategy uses a variety of industry websites, Social Media, Target Emails, etc.


Need to keep the exposure going?  AMP! customers have the option to purchase ADD On! which is a simple to use, stress-free maintenance program.  Same great service features as AMP! with the difference being the number of service hours required.

Need to edit?  No problem!  Simply email updates and allow Method Charlie to update your ad content on every site the ad is posted for no additional fees.

Keep Calm and ADD On!

First Screen

First Screen is an incredible service that INCLUDES all the great features of the AMP! with the added benefit of trained Method Charlie personnel filtering, organizing results to a “manageable” list for you to screen.

Combining human expertise, technology, and hard work….. Method Charlie saves you countless hours of frustration and tedious work, narrowing down a candidate list for YOU.  Our dedicated team sources, qualifies, and “shortlists” qualified and interested candidates.  You facilitate interviewing, scheduling, backgrounds, offers, and onboarding at your pace.

Succession Planning?  Are you in the process of identifying and developing new leaders or key players who can replace senior management when they leave or retire?  First Screen provides a narrow list usable for succession planning. 

“The First Screen is popular with recruiting firms, and smart hiring companies of all shapes and sizes, this first step in the recruiting process provides a real candidate list that can be used to pool candidates for the future or immediate contact.”

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