Direct-Hire Recruiting

Method Charlie’s direct-hire placement services help your company gain access to high-quality, pre-vetted candidates. If you’re looking for experienced candidates who align with your company’s culture, permanent placement is a cost-effective and efficient solution that takes the uncertainty out of the hiring process.

Our experienced recruiters will work closely with you to find the right talent to grow your business.

Direct-hire placement is the fastest way to find the exact candidate you’re looking for, even if that candidate isn’t actively looking for new opportunities.

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Volume Hiring Program

This flexible program dedicates a Method Charlie recruiter to work exclusively for your company and provide unlimited recruiting support on a month-to-month basis. This fixed-cost program positively impacts your bottom line and can reduce traditional recruiting costs by 50%. The Volume Hiring Program can also be utilized by companies searching for an economical solution to requiring a continuous stream of hires for similar positions.

Our team understands the effects of employee turnover and can help mitigate the cost to your business. By already knowing the qualifications of your position, we are able to quickly screen candidates and recommend only the best for your openings.

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First Screen

Combining human expertise, technology, and hard work: Method Charlie saves you countless hours of frustration and tedious tasks, narrowing down a candidate list for YOU. Our dedicated team sources, evaluates, and “shortlists” qualified and interested candidates. You facilitate interviewing, scheduling, background checks, offers, and onboarding at your pace.

If you are in the process of identifying and developing new leaders or key players who can replace senior management when they leave or retire, First Screen can provide a narrow list usable for succession planning.

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“The First Screen is popular with recruiting firms and smart hiring companies of all shapes and sizes.  This first step in the recruiting process provides a real candidate list that can be used to pool candidates for the future or immediate contact.”

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