In retained recruiting, companies pay an up-front retainer. This type of recruiting reinforces partnerships and demonstrates commitment from the client while allowing the recruiting firm to market the company openly. However, this type of recruiting requires the company to pay what can be a large up-front retainer, taking on much of the risk of the placement process. In contingent recruiting, the hiring company only pays the placement fee when the role has been successfully filled. While this removes some of the risk from the hiring company, contingent recruiting can also present its own challenges. Method Charlie has developed a contingent recruiting process that uses the benefits of both, without requiring any upfront retainer from the hiring company.
We have taken the best recruiting and sourcing methods from over 40 combined years of retained and contingent recruiting practices and used that experience and knowledge to create a process that is unique and has been proven successful. Our recruiting consultants pride themselves on their integrity and will work with you prior to accepting any position to determine if Method Charlie’s services are the right fit for your hiring needs.
While Method Charlie’s roots are in the areas of Information Technology and Aerospace, our recruiting process has found success in and can be applied to a wide variety of roles within many different types of organizations. Our consultants understand that each company and each recruit is unique: it is our process, methods, and people that make us successful.
At Method Charlie, we believe that recruiting firms should properly consult and evaluate any position prior to accepting it. We know that all searches are unique, and each position will have specific needs in order to make a successful placement. Have a conversation with a Method Charlie recruiting consultant, and you will see that we are committed to helping you meet your hiring needs, even if it is not with our agency – it is not uncommon for Method Charlie to provide guidance to clients that will ultimately help them fill the position themselves.

It is our job to properly vet candidates that are a great fit for your organization, and we have the utmost confidence in the work that our consultants perform. We also understand the importance of earning continued business. If our placements fail for a reason that should have been uncovered during our recruiting process, we will do all that we can to replace that candidate.

As an important part of our recruiting process, candidates will be fully and accurately vetted, and all information will be submitted to the hiring client. Then, Method Charlie will coordinate an interview between the candidate and the client.
Industry-wide, average recruiting fees range from 20-30%, and a reputable recruiting firm should be able to clearly explain and illustrate their fees and costs. We believe that any hiring decisions should be based upon value and return on investment; we also believe that our recruiting services offer that long-term value: research suggests that poor hiring decisions can cost your company up to 3 times more than standard recruiting fees to place a solid candidate.
Creating a relationship with a recruiting firm is a commitment, and in order to successfully fill your open positions, we need to learn about your business, culture, and long-term goals for your ideal hire. You can be open and honest with your Method Charlie consultant, and feel secure in the knowledge that all the information you share is held with the strictest of confidentiality. This commitment and willingness to work with us will help develop a successful recruiting strategy and a long-term, trusting relationship.
We will help identify and remove roadblocks that may be causing the position to go unfilled. We will work with you in advance to ensure that your requirements for the position are appropriate in relation to the offered compensation. We will also be up-front with you if we believe the position would be best served using another hiring method. We may also ask you to reconsider your requirements or compensation for the position you are trying to fill. Part of our process during the recruit is to provide accurate compensation, competitor information, analyses, and data, which can help you determine if adjustments to the position would attract the talent you need.
Method Charlie is a small company comprised of dedicated recruiters who understand the recruiting process and are able to work closely with you. You will have a dedicated consultant who will work with you throughout the recruit, and in the long run, too. This dedicated consultant will work with other individuals within Method Charlie’s tier system, so that multiple people are involved with your recruit and get to know you and your company. This unique system, along with our proprietary recruiting process, provides clients with additional assurance and confidence.

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